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francine + 19 y/o + vancouver, bc [canaduh] + taken♥ + batangenya +vair good at digressing + always hungry + blessed + needs to be focused on what's important ♥♥♥

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A picture is worth a thousand words.
God is gooooood
Online casinos
Blair Waldorf must pie
Caffeine addiction


^Because ya'll know Blair is also bulimic.


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Andie Anderson
Monday, January 28, 2008
8:43 PM
I suck I suck I suck I suck!

Gahhh! Someone should really publish an article (or a book, even better) on having a good, likeable conversation with your boyfriend's parents.

Not that I haven't met them before, I actually met them first before I met Jeff. His mom was the one who told him to make friends with me because I was new here and I just moved from California.

But that was a church gathering, and we weren't together then (duh). Things are waaay different now.

Why am I suddenly feeling this way? Because 2 nights ago I got invited to have dinner with their family.

I tried to put down the said invitation (I know it's rude but let me explain first) because this is the 2nd dinner that I will be having with them as The Girlfriend and the first was one was so DYAHE (how the heck do u translate that english? Can someone please tell me the exact english word for this? It's driving me nuts trying to explain this to Jeff) that I will not even gon tell you about it anymore and I was still traumatized so yeah, I was not ready yet. I thought I need to do some further research to gear me up before I go down the battlefield...

But nooooooooooo! I kept telling Jeff that I can't come so his mom personally called my phone and invited me herself! How can I turn that down? I had no choice!


So there I was, Friday night, stuffing my face with BBQ pork fried rice with some sweet and sour pork while having a conversation with La Familia Velarde, trying hard to be the most adorable future DIL (daughter-in-law) that I, in my opinion, will never be.

And my lovely boyfriend *looks at Jeff and pinches his cheeks*, being no help at all, made the situation even worse *digging my nails on his cheeks*. He just had to tell the damn story huh *his cheeks are now bleeding*.

What's The Story, you may ask? Oh you know, when we met, I thought he was gay.

Hey, I just moved from California okay, and my school was pretty ghetto. I was surrounded by guys who only wear hiphop and the only guy who wears American Eagle (aka WHITE BOY/surfer style) was an Asian gay guy. And Jeff was wearing an American Eagle shirt when I met him.

Not that I think all guys who wear American Eagle are all gay, but I didn't know any better then, okay.

So what's the big deal about The Story? Well, uh, if you're a father, a somewhat strict father I may add, and someone just told you that your panganay looks gay, will that make you happy?

Nuh-uh. I didn't think so too.

Of course when Jeff told them The Story they had to laugh because duh, it's supposed to be a funny page in our lives but I think they didn't think it was funny.

And I think they hate me.

Am I just stressing out too much about this?

Ugh. Remember Kate Hudson's character in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days? She was the how-to girl - meaning her articles are just how to's (ie. How to get away from a speeding ticket, How to get a date in a funeral, etc.) - at the magazine that she was working for. Well, I wish she was real, so she can write my damn article.

Ugh. K, till here.

Your suckiness,

xoxo Francesca Milyonarya

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A picture is worth a thousand words.
6:53 PM
Oh nothing really. Just a few random photos.

I'm yo daddy.

Gay terrorist.

Sex change.

Story of our lives.

One of the few.

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God is gooooood
Friday, January 25, 2008
12:10 PM
My momma passed her US Pharmacy Licensing Test in California! Woohoo! =D She can now work as a real pharmacist (Canaduh and US do not credit her filipino license so most of the time she worked as an assistant pharmacist here). Well not really, she still needs one more test after some hours of internship, but whatevs, almost there, ALMOST THERE =D

She and my sister are moving there for good. I, on the other hand, cannot move there because I can't go to school there. Huhu. I am jealous. I have always loved California. The sun, the homey feeling, the beach, everything. But it's okay, I know God has better plans for me that's why He put me here in Canaduh. Plus, I won't leave Jeff for California. So it's all gooood =D I'm just happy for my mom. Ilovette!!!


Thursday, January 24, 2008
6:48 PM
I know, most of you guys have heard of this Filipino guy, Renaldo Lapuz. He auditioned for American Idol, and it was HILARIOUS. His song is stuck in my head right now, I couldn't stop singing it ever since i saw the clip! LOL =D

I am you brother
You're bestfriend forever
Singing the songs, the music that you liiiiiike
We're brothers 'till the end of time
Together or not you're always in my heart/mind
Your hurt, your feelings, in you will reign no mooooooore
(Repeat until you're tired)


You know you do too. LOL.

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Online casinos
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
6:52 PM

Has anybody here been to Casino Filipino Tagaytay? I did. You might be wondering how. I am, afterall only 19 years old, and ya'll know you need to be 21 to get in a casino, even the ones in the Philippines.

No, I do/did not own any fake id. Heck, I hadn't even known about fake ids when i was 11.

LOL. Made in mclovinidmaker.com

Yes, I had my first (and last) casino trip at 11 yrs old, I kid you not.

My mum assured me though that if ever I don't get in, she'll stay with me in the car. So I was like, "okay fine, let's do this", and off we went.

So through the door goes my mum, her amigas, then me. The skinny guy, who I guess was supposed to be the bouncer or whatever they call it, stopped me and asked me about my age. I was scared and speechless, and so my mom - determined to play with her amigas, interrupted and was like, "she's 21". Into the door, I happily went.

It was amazing, like Disneyland amazing, I tell you. Except too much people were smoking and I was the only kid there. Of course I had to hide myself in the corner (I didn't want to get kicked out), where the slots were. My mum gave me P250 to play in the slots, and I lost it all. LOL. Beginner's luck didn't work for me, I suppose. But whatever, the experience was beyond fab =D

So why am I talking about casinos? Well you know how you can play in online casinos right? It looks fun, in my opinion. But you don't know which casinos are trustworthy and which casinos are worth signing up for. Heck, some of them even have spywares and viruses, which will give you squillionares of popups per hour, and of course, you don't want that. And so the brilliant minds of pro360.com provided a solution for you gambling needs. LOL. It contains reviews and ratings of different online casinos. It even has a list of the top 20 casinos that of course are fun and trustworthy. It also reviews by category, for instance, if you're a black jack girl, then there's a top 20 list for black jack sites. This is good stuff, I tell you. Try it! You know you want to =D


Blair Waldorf must pie
Sunday, January 20, 2008
7:46 PM
I am still depressed over Gossip Girl. Starting tomorrow, there will be reruns, deleted scenes, behind the scenes and whatever. I say who the heck cares about those things? It's the drama that we want, not the freakin production set and celebs. Like I like the show, and I like the characters that they play in the show, but I don't like them in real life. Say for example Chace Crawford - I like him as Nate, and he does look like the Nate from the books but I don't like Chace Crawford specially after seeing his myspace pictures in JustJared, for me, he is just not Blair's Natie yenoe.

But whatever, I'll just wait till Fall (when they'll continue the season). Afterall, true love really waits.

And as promised, from my last entry, I shall be Blair Waldorf for today (Sunday), but before I show my pictures, I will first post pictures of Blair Wardolf, for people here who don't know her.

So here is Blair Waldorf. She resides in a pent house in front of Central Park in the Upper East Side with her designer mother Eleanor Waldorf, and handful of European house maids.

That blonde girl behind her is Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair's BFF. But I won't talk about her because I don't like her, and because right now, the spotlight is on Blair, and Blair hates it when Serena steals her thunder. And of course, I don't want that. I don't want to piss off my idol, she might go again to the toilet and make herself sick. If you know what I mean.

She's gorgeous, no? But that's not the only reason why I love her. I love her attitude as well. Who doesn't? Oh I know, freakin' Little Jenny Humphrey.

So there you go. My idol ATM.

So without further adieu, I shall now show my pictures on my attempt to be Blair Wardolf for the day.

Click photos for full images of HOTNESS. Nyahahaha.

Spot me checking Gossip Girl's newest update. LOL.

Of course, I am no Wardolf, I do not own Balenciaga blazers, nor those Marc Jacobs bags but hey, I will get there okay. That's why I'm studying and keeping up with my Chem labs. In 5-6 years, I will be shopping too at Bergdorf's and Barney's, itaga mo yan sa bato. Muahahaha.

Oh how fierce.

So that's it for now.

You know you LOVETTE,

xoxo Francesca Milyonarya

PS. I did not wear the oxfords/booties as shown in the pictures. I planned to, but there was snow this morning, and I am not confident enough to wear heels on a snow day.

PPS. The oxford's are my little sister's. LOL.

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Caffeine addiction
Saturday, January 19, 2008
10:11 PM
And so I heard that they are now showing Coffee Prince in the Philippines, and let me just tell you this: I am freakin' envy. Yes, I can still watch it online, all day everyday but mothabummer, it is not like the ones that they show in the Philippines because it is all in english subtitles, while the ones in the homeland is DUBBED IN TAGALOG and ya'll know everything is funnier in tagalog.

For instance, Slam Dunk - i loved LOVED this anime... in tagalog. I tried watching it with english subtitles and it was so boring, it just made me want to jump off a bridge. No, I am not exaggerating. The cartoon itself is funny, no doubt about that, its the one thing they can't change, but let me ask you this - how do you translate GUNG-GONG in english? Just idiot right? But idiot is so boring compared to how funny they say GUNG-GONG yenoe. It just feels empty. And don't even get me started with GORI. I doubt they call the big dark guy GORI in the subtitles.

Huh. And now Coffee Prince. My boyfriend was still there when they started showing it and he confirmed that it really is super kaduper funnier in tagalog.

Check out Yoon Eun Hye's outfit. Spot the dress shirt inside the khaki dress. Genius, no?

I know, I'm so affected, it's just a kdrama. But i loved this kdrama. I loved it more than full house and endless love. Huhuhu. Can someone please upload the tagalog dubbed version of Coffee Prince? Pretty please please please?

I will die!!!

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